2017 Version - Missouri Civil Procedure Form 14: Calculation of Presumed Child Support Amount

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In 1989, the Missouri Supreme Court issued guidelines for establishing a "presumed child support amount" in dissolution cases and other proceedings in which child support is awarded. These guidelines, contained in Missouri Supreme Court Rule 88, require the use of "Civil Procedure Form No. 14" for the calculation of the presumed amount of child support in all such cases. Under the authority of Section 452.340.8, R.S.Mo., the amount of support resulting from the Rule 88 guidelines "is the correct amount of child support to be awarded" unless a court specifically finds that application of the guidelines would be "unjust or inappropriate in a particular case."

Form 14 is subject to periodic review and revision by the Missouri Supreme Court. The most recent version of Form 14 was adopted by the Court on November 16, 2016. In addition, the Court entered an order on June 30, 2017, clarifying certain instructions for performing the child support calculations. Together, these orders make significant new changes to Form 14. The new version is required for use in all Missouri child support cases, effective July 1, 2017.

This office has developed an electronic spreadsheet for use in performing the calculations mandated by Rule 88 and Form 14. This spreadsheet is available to family law practitioners and judges throughout Missouri, as well as to interested individuals. From this page you may:

Features of the New Form 14

The Supreme Court's 2017 version of Form 14 implements several significant changes to the previous version, including:

  • A new schedule of basic child support obligations, with updated amounts at the lower and upper ends of the income spectrum.
  • A refined schedule for calculating the Line 11 child support credit for the paying parent when the number of overnights awarded to that parent exceeds 109 per year.
  • A redesignation of the parties as "Parent Paying Support" and "Parent Receiving Support".
  • A new Line 5 test for determining the Paying Parent's basic child support obligation in low income situations that requires a comparison of the presumed support amount with and without considering the Receiving Parent's gross income, and applies the lesser of the two amounts as the Paying Parent's basic support amount.
  • Changes and additions to the Directions and Comments, including specific instructions for addressing support obligations when custody has been awarded to a third party.

Version 6.0 of the spreadsheet implements these changes and preserves many of the other features familiar to existing users, including:

  • Single click recalculation of support by redesignation of Petitioner or Respondent as the "Parent Paying Support,"
  • The complete "Directions, Comments for Use and Examples for Completion" from the official form for easy reference,
  • Automated prompts and alerts when special caveats or conditions may apply to the calculations, and
  • A printable result suitable for filing as an exhibit.

New improvements to the spreadsheet include:

  • the ability to designate the party filing the Form 14 without a separate memo,
  • refinements to the multicolumnar sheet that permit easy adjustment of varying additional child rearing costs,
  • automated prompts whenever the new Line 5 test results in a lower presumed support amount for the Parent Paying Support, and
  • the addition of a new sheet to clearly demonstrate operation of the new Line 5 test.

Screen shots of version 6.02 of the spreadsheet are available below.

Input SheetForm 14 TabMulticolumn TabDirections Tab

This document was last revised: July 2, 2017.

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